Teaching English is about more than IGCSE’s and IB exams

One of my key objectives when teaching, is to inspire students to explore ideologies, culture and history through literature.

Reading is often seen as an academic chore, but I want my students to see it more as a pair of binoculars which allows them to closely observe aspects of life that they may not have experienced or even be aware of.

In this week’s grade 8/9 English Literature class, we started to read/study/analyse ‘MASTER HAROLD AND THE BOYS’, a play by Athol Fugard.

An Afrikaan playwright Athol Fugardcreates socially conscious texts with his plays set in South Africa addressing thematic concerns around the political and social situation specific to that society.

Fugard’s work is timeless in that it explores universal questions of brotherhood, community and the need for mankind to let go of and learn from the past.

Using literature to respond to the injustice of apartheid, Fugard highlights the dehumanising effects of South Africa’s political system, champions the fight for reform, and examines how South Africa might heal in the wake of apartheid.

Click here to read Master Harold and the Boys

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