IGCSE Timetable: Edexcel and CIE Board June 2017

As you learn from the mistakes made in the mocks and start to prepare for the June 2017 IGCSE exams, click on the links below for the Edexcel and CIE exam timetables to help plan revision. Scroll further down for key dates for English, French and Economics papers. As schools opt for a mixture of examination board and paper combinations, be careful to note the corect dates and also to practice the right past exam papers.


June 2017 Edexcel IGCSE Timetable

June 2017 CIE, Cambridge Board,IGCSE Timetable (zone 5)


CIE English Language and Literature

English Language 0500Paper 2- Reading Passage2 hr Fri 5 May 2017, PM
English Language 0500Paper 3- Directed Writing & Composition2 hr Wed 10 May 2017, PM
English Literature 0486Paper 1- Poetry and Prose1 hr 30 minMon 22 May 2017, AM
English Literature 0486Paper 2-Drama (open text)45 minFri 26 May 2017, AM
English Literature 0486Paper 4- Unseen1 hr 15 minFri 26 May 2017, AM
World Literature 0408Paper 2-Unseen1 hr 15 minMon 22 May 2017, PM
World Literature 0408Paper 3-Set Texts1 hr 30 minFri 26 May 2017, PM


English LiteraturePaper 1- Drama and Prose1 hr 45 minMon 22 May 2017, AM
English LiteraturePaper 2- Unseen Texts and Poetry Anthology1 hr 30 minFri 26 May 2017, AM

CIE Economics

EconomicsPaper 1- Multiple Choice45 minFri 09 June 2017, PM
EconomicsPaper 2- Structured questions2 hr 15 minWed 17 May 2017, PM


French Paper 1- Listening 40 minTue 16 May 2017, AM
French Paper 2- Reading and Writing1 hr 30 minTue 16 May 2017, AM