IGCSE English Language: Narrative Writing

excite caps hat final 50 matching colourThe narrative writing task, a 1 hour component of the English Language Paper 3, is particularly  challenging as it requires multiple layers of depth.

Alongside careful planning, and timed practice of compositions, reading short stories is an invaluable way of improving writing style. For high-schoolers with limited time and attention span for reading long texts, follow the links below and read short stories.

Effective narrative compositions need to convey

  • purpose
  • themes
  • context
  • vivid settings
  • developed characters
  • dialogue
  • literary devices
  • relevant structure

When reading any kind of text, look out for how authors have subtly incorporated the above techniques to “show rather than tell” the reader , not only about the plot, but also to absorb the reader by creating the  atmosphere which is most conducive to delivering their purpose.

Short Stories by American authors

These short stories are so short, you have no excuse not to read them