IB Students and stress – So just for fun..

All exams are stressful, but IB has a special place on my sympathy list as I really feel that there is so much to do.



It is a fabulous qualification, but the intensity and pressure can sometimes take the joy out of subjects you thought you loved.


Have faith.. you will love them again.. sometime.. but for now ..



Credits: Calvin Hobbes


Visit 29 signs you were an IB student..We get how you feel and we are here to help.

Just a few of  them (courtesy:http://www.buzzfeed.com/)..go to the blog for the others.

  1. When people try to compare the IB programme to A -levels or AP classes, you feel murderous rageplowing through life
  2. Because International Baccalaureate students know stress like no one else does


3. As a result, you became a bit of a nightmare to live withLarson00-630x420



4. All the deadlines happened at the same time, so it was impossible to juggle them allhomework

5. You and your word counts ended up having a very tumultuous relationship Credits: Farside-my -brain-is full






6. The Extended Essay caused you to cry into your keyboard many timesscientistearth










7. You’ve considered bribing your parents/ siblings/ random lady on the street to do a bit of your work for you


Credits: The Far side-Gary Larson and Calvin Hobbes