IB English Literature Classes re-starting 1st Oct 2017

How I can help you achieve an excellent grade for IB English Literature

The skill of understanding literature adds to our appreciation of a precious craft where masters have shared their insights into life with us.

Having a personal passion for this subject, I teach it to ensure that you will learn to love it as much as I do.

Read further for detailed teaching strategy, course content and how regular learning can ease final exam pressure, particularly as 55% of the grade can be achieved in year.


I support and teach students in three ways:


Current classes are 1.5 hours and are scheduled to take place every Sunday at 11.30am

This class style is used to teach the fundamental principles of understanding literature and exam paper strategy.

Classes are systematic and address the needs of the IB syllabus.


Areas covered are :

  • How to understand, appreciate and analyse poetry and prose, with particular regard to context and purpose
  • The thought and planning process used to derive thematic ideas and thesis statements
  • Relevant text analysis to identify supporting evidence
  • Planning, structuring and writing essays
  • Timed Paper 1 practice- unseen prose and poetry analysis.
  • To practice handwritten tasks as most school assignments are electronically submitted, which does not help with sitting exams


Individual support, feedback and advice is provided on individual tasks such as:


Written Assignment: 25% Externally assessed

Individual Oral Commentary: 15% Internally assessed

Individual Oral Presentation: 15% Internally assessed

Extended Essay

Personal feedback on essays


However, I do not always encourage long term individual coaching as my experience has shown that

  • students can develop an unhelpful reliance upon tuition and tutors.
  • students should be taught the skills which equip them to independently succeed both now and in the future
  • this is particularly important as Paper 1 is an unseen commentary and the ability to approach tasks with self confidence is the key to success



These classes group together students studying the same texts for Paper 2 and are mostly held during school holidays / weekends.

Students will learn:

  • To understand authorial purpose
  • Relevance of context and culture
  • To read with depth and insight
  • To make effective notes
  • Exam strategy to select suitable questions
  • Timed Paper 2 question practice- Essay on literary texts.
  • To focus on handwritten essays as good practice for exam preparation

FREQUENTLY Asked QuestionS 

Can you write my assignments for me? 

No – absolutely not, but I will teach you the skills to do this and any such future assignments 


Do I have to attend classes weekly

Not necessarily – I understand the pressures of IB and that weekly attendance is not always practical. However, do ensure that you are somewhat regular so that you can build strong foundations and skills during the year and save yourself some exam stress.

Language skills cannot be crammed at the end of the year- they do need to be built up gradually.


I want to, but don’t always have time to attend – what should I do?

I provide coaching on Skype regardless of location and can also review work on Google Drive to provide detailed feedback. This is valuable as it can also be shared with parents and gives you the opportunity to edit and practice essays efficiently.

Skype classes and Google doc review are charged at the same rate as individual classes and have the huge benefit of saving you time.


Will you mark my practice essays?

Yes – Feedback on essays is the most valuable way that you can learn how to actually improve your work and your grades. Unfortunately, this  may be limited at school as teachers understandably do not have the time to give detailed feedback.

I do mark and provide individual feedback on essays in accordance with the IB assessment criteria.