Hedda Gabler- Audiobook

For those studying Hedda Gabler for IB or IGSSE, you may not have the time to re-read the text. Plug in your headphones, click on the link below (courtesy of Libri Vox) and listen to the play; bringing the characters, emotions and themes to life.

Hedda Gabler, a seemingly ambitious woman, finds herself lost after the death of her father.She enters into a loveless marriage with the academic and rather dull George Tesman in order to give herself financial stability. Hoping that Tesman will receive recognition for his literary works and that this will secure their place in society, she finds her situation threatened by her former lover, Eilert Lovborg, and the innocent Thea Elvstead. Self-isolated from all around her, Hedda is presented as an anti-heroine who is consumed by jealousy and insecurity.

Listen to the audio version of Hedda Gabler, Henrik Ibsen