Guaranteed to get the exam results you want

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Impossible you might say, but from past experience I can say that YOU can guarantee that your results will be just what you want them to be.

I’m about to state the obvious as I am amazed at how many students do not seem to know this..or maybe they do, but are just not doing it


  1. Make a realistic REVISION TIMETABLE so you know what subjects and topics need to be studied and how much time you have to prepare yourself
  2. Organise all the NOTES that you have into subject files with dividers for topics
  3. Have a teacher/tutor CLARIFY and EXPLAIN any concepts where there are gaps in your understanding
  4. Make REVISION NOTES which summarise  key points using MIND MAPS , FLOW CHARTS, SUMMARY TABLES and FLASHCARDS- whichever method works best for you… but make your notes (including formulae, economics graphs, literature quotes and textual evidence)
  5. LEARN your notes
  6. Identify or ask teachers/tutors the STRATEGY for answering specific types of questions
  7. PRACTICE as many PAST PAPERS as you can
  8. Have all the essay and long questions you do, REVIEWED by a teacher/ tutor
  9. Make a LIST OF COMMON MISTAKES which you revisit each time you approach a similar task

I cannot stress these points enough and most of all that YOU need to put in 100% of the work.

Whilst teachers and tutors will always  teach, support and guide , success is ultimately down to how much work YOU actually do.