101 Great Books To Read for College Bound Readers

Students who take tuition and classes to boost their SAT score often find improving in the English section to be the most challenging.

Prevention is better than cure and it is more beneficial to work on building comprehension and analytical skills in advance through regular, quality reading .

The College Board sets the SAT papers and recommends 101 “Great Books” to read.

I suggest that the best time to start reading  is grade 8/9, before the pressure of external examinations intensifies.

Read deeply paying attention to the following ideas rather than just plot:

  • themes
  • character development
  • authorial purpose
  • how effects have been created
  • setting
  • context

Click on the link below for a downloadable list of books. I’m sure you will find one of the great masters of literature appealing.

101 Great Books To Read for College Bound Readers

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US Colleges that do not require SAT or ACT scores

For those of you understandably sweating over the upcoming SAT exam on 21st January 2017, do not lose hope. If after numerous tuition sessions, timed practice papers, meticulous revision of grammar and mathematics rules you still do not quite achieve the score of your (or anyone elses!) dreams, all is not lost.

Take a look at this list of schools listed in The Washington Post that do not require SAT or ACT scores and focus your attention on

  • original and authentic university essays,
  • IB scores
  • endeavours that show a genuine commitment and passion for your chosen field of study.

A list of 180+ ranked schools that don’t require ACT or SAT scores for admissions