IB English Literature Classes re-starting 1st Oct 2017

How I can help you achieve an excellent grade for IB English Literature

The skill of understanding literature adds to our appreciation of a precious craft where masters have shared their insights into life with us.

Having a personal passion for this subject, I teach it to ensure that you will learn to love it as much as I do.

Read further for detailed teaching strategy, course content and how regular learning can ease final exam pressure, particularly as 55% of the grade can be achieved in year.

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IB ENGLISH: MAYA ANGELOU- BBC World Club Book 2002 (Podcast)

Listening to this very personal interview today, I was inspired in many ways and at first wondered whether we have to have had a significant past in order to write well.

What struck and pained me the most, was Maya Angelou reading her very powerful and hard hitting poem “BORN THAT WAY”. Raped at the age of 7 by her mother’s boyfriend, she recounted a story of observing a father’s inappropriate behaviour towards his 8 year old daughter; the mother wearing blinkers and ignoring what she could see…


Maya Angelou explained that she simply writes about what she can see and it is her courage to speak up that makes her the great writer that she is.

I think that we all do have stories that we need to tell.. speaking out is maybe the only way we can really influence change.

Do listen to this podcast …


Graphic Novels- The Watchmen

Graphic texts are often underrated and labelled as bumper sized comics.
Grade 12′ ers may be overwhelmed current pressure, but there is consolation in the fact that IB English language and literature courses cover an inspiring range of literature which opens valuable avenues of thought and appreciation.

Through the use of effective visual, stylistic features, Graphic novels are able to subtly convey serious messages relating to personal trauma and global struggle without the use of narrative.

Maus by Art Spiegelman addresses the long term effect of the Holocaust and Watchmen deals with similar tragedy in considering the fear and effects of the atomic bomb.If you are studying this text, do take the time to read this very informative paper.