The Amazing Bubble Man


I understand the allure of the Amazing Bubble Man.

Life is a bubble.
On its gossamer veil thin, the myriad of colour. Dancing, swaying inviting us into its magic.
Every colour of the rainbow.
Sparkling jewels, undulating rivers, waves of hopes and dreams.

The Bubble Man believes he is God; he feels he can create and manipulate destinies. A Power we all wish we had.

He makes bubbles out of bubbles.. Can we make life out of life?
He pulls and stretches and frees at his will.
Can we live life at our own will?

The Amazing Bubble Man.. We all think that is who we are.
Until we touch the bubble.
And no matter how much we love or how gently we will burst and disappear as if it never existed.

Life is a delicate bubble.
I understand the allure of the Amazing Bubble Man… But he doesn’t.
It is all an illusion.