IB Economics: Monopolies and Abnormal Profits

excite caps hat final 50 matching colourAmerica, considered a land of opportunity based on the principles of capitalism and a free market economy has seen huge and persistent profits which are largely sustainable because of a lack of healthy competition. Many firms are acting as monopolies or oligopolies with a tenth of the economy controlled by a handful of firms from dog food and batteries to airlines, credit cards and telecoms.

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IB ECONOMICS (HL): Paper 3 (Quantitative), Tips to score better

excite caps hat final 50 matching colour

This is my list of tips that should definitely help maximise your marks.

They look so obvious that you would be wondering why I took the trouble to post this ..yet it is amazing that so many of you keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Paper 3, with its calculations and formulae (that you just need to memorise) is an excellent paper to score well on. Please take heed.

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IB ECONOMICS, International Trade: The real danger of Brexit

THe economist 50

Despite feeling limited by rules that bind the EU, leaving Europe in an attempt to reclaim its sovereignty weakens Britain’s trade relationships impacting its current account deficit as the EU takes almost half of Britain’s exports. Leaving Europe could have both short and long term implications on the British economy with financial markets recognising the dangers and the UK pound falling to its lowest value against the dollar  since 2009. 

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IB ENGLISH: Maus, By Art Spiegelman

Maus 50

The story follows the birth of his elder brother Richieu, who was poisoned by an aunt rather than face capture; how his parents were hidden by generous

poles and then betrayed to the SS as they paid to be smuggled to a safer Hungary.

listen to Art talks about the powerful sub-plot which shows the difficult relationship between father and son , and what it could be like for the child of Holocaust survivors.


Link to Radio 4 Bookclub Podcast: Maus , Art Spiegelman