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IB Exam timetable April /May 2018

With the mock exams almost over, we begin the 13 week countdown to the April/ May IB examinations. Click the link below for  the 2018 IB exam timetable  so that and plan your revision accordingly.


  • Regular IB classes are held on Sundays 11.30am-1.30pm
  • Consistent practice of exam papers with the detailed feedback that I provide for each essay, will improve your grade and also reduce the pressure for the final exams

IB Exam Timetable April/ May 2018


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IB English Literature Classes re-starting 1st Oct 2017

How I can help you achieve an excellent grade for IB English Literature

The skill of understanding literature adds to our appreciation of a precious craft where masters have shared their insights into life with us.

Having a personal passion for this subject, I teach it to ensure that you will learn to love it as much as I do.

Read further for detailed teaching strategy, course content and how regular learning can ease final exam pressure, particularly as 55% of the grade can be achieved in year.

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IB English Literature: Works In Translation Essay

The Works In Translation (WIT) Essay is 1200-1500 word essay, which is marked externally and represents 25% of the final SL and HL English Literature grade.

The essay reflects the value of understanding global perspectives to the IB syllabus. By studying works in translation, students should aim:

• to understand that culture and context are linked to the main ideas explored by an author


• to understand how cultural identity is shaped through literature


• to understand that there are different perspectives which may be shaped through culture and context.


The link below is a valuable resource in helping you to plan and structure your essay

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Disappointed with your IGCSE Results? Definitely not the end of the world

The pressure on students these days means that anything less than an A* or A may leave them feeling hugely disappointed but should not leave them despondent!


Most students will be heading to the US or UK for university and unless you are aiming for top tier establishments, strong and appropriate IB scores coupled with sincere, well written, personal statements will often supersede your IGCSE grades.


With 10 years of teaching IGCSE in Singapore, I have seen many students with B’s and C’s going on to highly respected universities such as UCL, Imperial College, Warwick University, to name just a few.


However there are other options available and things to consider.

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The Amazing Bubble Man


I understand the allure of the Amazing Bubble Man.

Life is a bubble.
On its gossamer veil thin, the myriad of colour. Dancing, swaying inviting us into its magic.
Every colour of the rainbow.
Sparkling jewels, undulating rivers, waves of hopes and dreams.

The Bubble Man believes he is God; he feels he can create and manipulate destinies. A Power we all wish we had.

He makes bubbles out of bubbles.. Can we make life out of life?
He pulls and stretches and frees at his will.
Can we live life at our own will?

The Amazing Bubble Man.. We all think that is who we are.
Until we touch the bubble.
And no matter how much we love or how gently we will burst and disappear as if it never existed.

Life is a delicate bubble.
I understand the allure of the Amazing Bubble Man… But he doesn’t.
It is all an illusion.